eComChat: AI-powered eCommerce Search Bot

eComChat is a ChatGPT-like eCommerce search bot that increased the speed of online stores by 23% by providing quick and relevant search results based on the user’s intent. Using OpenAI technology and 20,000 external data of eCommerce products, eComChat eliminates zero search result queries and streamlines the product discovery process.





eCommerce Search Bot



Services Provided

Design, Development

Abstract of eComChat Search Bot Solution

Our AI app developers developed an eCommerce search bot like ChatGPT for an eCommerce store. This solution utilizes OpenAI libraries and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to understand and interpret user queries from the 20,000 eCommerce product data.

The gathered information is then analyzed and organized based on its relevance to the user’s query and presented in a user-friendly manner. eComChat search bot solution is a time-saving alternative to traditional search engines as it eliminates the need for users to manually filter through irrelevant search results.

Our Client and His Project Requirements

The client is an eCommerce business owner, who manages a large eCommerce store(B2B and B2C) in the USA with a significant inventory of 47,000+ products. The company relies heavily on search-driven revenue on its platform.

However, they noticed a decrease in sales and revenues due to irrelevant search results. Customers complained that they were unable to find what they were looking for, resulting in abandoned carts and high bounce rates.

To address this issue, the client was seeking a fast and accurate eCommerce site search solution that can understand the intent behind their customers’ queries and provide relevant results. Their goal was to improve the overall user experience and increase revenue on their platform.

Irrelevant search results

Solution We Offered to the Client

We developed an eComChat search bot that helps users to find relevant products after understanding the user’s intent. Our AI development team used OpenAI technology and NLP algorithms to elevate website search functionality by building a ecommerce search solution that streamlines the product discovery process, and find relevant products in real-time.

Here’s how we created eComChat using OpenAI technologies:

  • Loaded the 20K data in a suitable datastore and prepared it for embeddings
  • Generated text-embedding-ada-002 vectors and stored them with product metadata
  • Parsed user inputs with the previous chat history
  • Understood the intent and query the vector
  • Fetched the nearest vector, combine its metadata with a human-like personalized response
  • Responded back to the user with formatted tex
Solution We Provided

Challenges We Faced

During the development of our eCommerce search bot, our developers faced a significant challenge with data indexing. The eCommerce site had a large and constantly changing product catalog, and indexing all of this data in a way that was accurate and efficient proved to be a major challenge.

To resolve this challenge, our developers implemented two strategies:

  • Used machine learning algorithms to automatically extract relevant information from product descriptions and attributes, such as color, size, and brand.
  • Optimized the search algorithm to prioritize the most relevant results based on user queries.
  • Finally, our developers implemented a real-time indexing system that automatically updated the index whenever new products were added to the catalog or when changes were made to existing products.

Challenges We Faced

Key Features of eComChat to Improve Customer’s Shopping Experience

Semantic search

Semantic search

The search bot solution understands semantics and recognizes synonyms and related terms to provide accurate search results even if the user searches for a slightly different term than what the site contains.

language understanding

Natural language understanding

Provides accurate search results by interpreting user intent, identifying relevant terms, and understanding the relationship between words in the query. Reduces the need for users to use specific or technical search terms.

Integration with e-commerce

Integration with e-commerce platforms

The eCommerce search bot integrates seamlessly with popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and others.

Real-time inventory updates

Real-time inventory updates

When a user searches for a product, the search bot queries the inventory management system in real-time to determine if the product is available and to provide accurate pricing information.

Understands misspelled terms

Understands misspelled terms

Uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the structure of queries and identify keywords & phrases. Search bot ensures that users receive relevant search results.

Looking to Increase Your eCommerce Revenue?

Our AI app developers have the skills and experience to increase the on-site conversion rate and average order value using OpenAI technology.

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Final Results

Increased Revenue

Increased Revenue by 23%

By leveraging advanced OpenAI technology, the search experience was improved which resulted in increased sales. Since the users quickly found the relevant products, the eComChat solution drove more conversions. The faster search times have resulted in a reduction in bounce rates, as visitors are no longer abandoning the site due to slow load times.

Reduces Operational Costs

Provides Specific Pricing from Real-time Inventory

eComChat solution connects visitors with the right product, at the right price as per the localized inventory. It ensured that the search results reflects the pricing as per the CRM, CMS, or ERP data. The solution accesses the inventory information in real time and presents it to the customer in a way that is easy to understand and use.

Provides Specific Pricing

Reduces Operational Costs

eComChat solution minimized the need for human intervention. Since the search bot solution provides relevant search results, it reduces the number of customer support requests related to search bot issues.

Appreciation from Clients