About Bada Property Exchange App

Available on Android and iOS platforms, the Bada property exchange app is a property management app that allows people in India to exchange their properties against any home, office, land, and other property.

Users just need to list down their properties, irrespective of the type, size, and city, in this one of the widely used real estate apps. They will start getting genuine inquiries or requests from other users who are interested in the listed property and exchanging it with their own property.

No matter how many properties users have for sale, they only need to do is – list them down in the real estate property management app or we can say the Bada Property Exchange app and start getting inquiries for it.

The user will show his interest by sending a request. Once the request is accepted by the opposite person or property lister, the rest will be handled by the assigned broker. In short, this real estate mobile app will help users with all their real estate needs from listing their property to searching new property, closing deals instantly to get property loan, and get done the property paperwork.

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Top Features We Integrated Into This
Mobile-based Property Exchange Software

Customer’s App


Property listing

This app for real estate comes with a property listing feature that allows users to check the property lists along with complete information like property type, size, cost, area, and city. Property listing contains a list of all the properties that are added by app users.

Discover properties app


Add property

Users of this real estate app can easily add properties in the application, including important details like type, the total area of the property, cost, contact number and name of the owner. No matter how many properties users have, they can list down their properties and start getting genuine inquires.

app main screen


Exchange properties

Once the user listed his properties, be it residential, commercial, or land, he can start looking for other properties that he wanted to buy. After finding his interested property, he can contact the owner and take it further. This way two owners can exchange their properties irrespective of the city.

sent exchange offer on properties


Offer Actions

There are four different actions that the user can take when he receives an offer for the property. The first action he can take is to accept if he finds a deal good and he can reject if he is not interested. Cancel option is for the request sender, he can cancel the request if the opposite owner has not accepted the request. The last action is – resend that will be available for request sender. He can resend the request to the property owner with a better deal and offer.

accept or decline properties offers



The app users can mark any property as favorite whether it is in the same city or another city. They can view the property listing and mark any properties as their favorite and manage the favorite list. Under favorite, they can find all their favorite properties and show interest in any of them.

favorite properties



The customer’s app has a filter feature, allowing users to search properties by applying filters. Users can apply filter and search for a particular property by applying filters like location, city, budget, and type of property.

sort and filter properties

Admin Panel


Add brokers

The admin of the business can add new brokers from the dashboard panel. The admin can fill the required information of the broker like name, contact number, total experience, location, and other required information.

Add brokers


Accept property requests

The admin of the business can accept property requests from the app users, or we can say customers who want to sell their properties. With a single click from the admin panel, the admin can accept different requests, reviewing all the properties.

Accept property requests



The admin can make any announcements from the panel. Whether he wants to make an announcement to customers or brokers, he can announce any feature, offers or interesting deals that are going on.

Announcements for customers and brokers


User management (Roles)

From the dashboard panel, the admin can create sub-admins with limited access to the features of the panel. There are three roles, including super-admin, report viewer, property approval. The assigned roles with limited access can perform their tasks easily.

User roles management

Future Updates That We Have Planned
For This Property Management App

My Wallet

My wallet

Our client has asked our team to include My wallet in the second version of this application. My wallet feature allows users to maintain their earnings earned through referral code. The earned money can be used while showing interest in the properties.


Broker change

In the near future, the customers will get a feature of changing broker in this real estate software solution. They can change the broker if they are not satisfied with the current broker or finding any difficulty with him.

My Wallet

Broker rating

With the broker rating feature in the real estate property management software, customers can give a rating to the assigned broker as per their experience. From 5 stars to 1 star, they can select the star rating and share their experience.

Do you run a business where you manage several customers, daily tasks manually, and make paper-based reports? It’s time to take your business online and develop a mobile app. Consult our app consultants now and know how the app can benefit your business.


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