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iOS App Development Services

iOS App Development Consultation

iOS App Development Consultation

Not sure of the features you wish to include in your iOS app? Need a roadmap for your software development? Want the right advice from an experienced tech consultant to suggest branding, designing, & technology stack? Book a call with our iOS app consultant to discuss requirements.

iPhone App UI/UX Designing

iPhone App UI/UX Designing

Want a great look and feel for your app? Want to improve your brand’s reputation and user engagement? Our designers are experienced in designing pixel-perfect mobile apps specifically for iPhones. We design iOS apps that are both interactive and easy to access for your users.

Custom iPhone App Development

Custom iPhone App Development

Have custom requirements for your native iOS apps? Looking for the best custom mobile app development company? Turn to Space-O as we provide customized app development to meet your business objectives. We have built several apps that run on all models of Apple devices.

Hire Dedicated iOS App Developers

Hire Dedicated iOS App Developers

Looking for a dedicated team for your iPhone mobile development? Want flexible hiring models to meet your enterprise software requirements? Hiring iPhone app developers from Space-O will ensure you get the best iOS app development results within the estimated time and cost.

Cross-platform App Development

Cross-platform App Development

Prefer to build cross-platform apps that run on multiple platforms – iOS, Android, or Windows? We are experts in React Native, Flutter, and Xamarin, crafting apps tailored to each platform’s unique features and design guidelines of each platform, while maximizing code reusability.

Enterprise iOS Applications

Enterprise iOS Applications

Want to build secure, synchronized enterprise iOS apps with existing systems & databases? Being one of the best iPhone app development companies in the USA, Space-O helps you to build enterprise apps that transforms business strategies into reality. Contact us to validate an app idea.

Looking for Custom iOS App Development Services?

Space-O offers customized iOS application development services leveraging the latest technologies, including Blockchain, AR, VR, IoT, and AI.

Clients Love Space-O Technologies

Space-O Technologies played a key role in ensuring our iOS e-Learning app’s release process was efficient and transparent, thanks to their regular progress reports and live demonstrations. Their in-depth knowledge of app architecture and development capabilities contributed to the app’s successful launch in our designated regions.

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Norman Ruiz

Top iOS App Development Services Provider

Want to build an iOS app? Have custom requirements for your dream iPhone app project? Want to get your idea validated by experienced iPhone application developers? For all these, iPhone app development services are what you need from a top iPhone app development company.

Space-O is one of the leading iOS app development companies in the USA, with more than 50+ iOS mobile app developers experienced in developing easy to complex iOS apps. We offer iOS app development services from small startups to large enterprises across a variety of industries.

We employ the advanced features & latest technologies such as ML, Blockchain, AR/VR, and AI to help you from the app ideation, design, development to the launch of the mobile application on the Apple App Store. Contact us today to validate your app idea and get a free custom quote.

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Top iOS Apps Developed by Us

Our Expertise in iOS App Development

  • Machine learning (ML)

    Machine learning (ML)

  • Augmented Reality (AR)

    Augmented Reality (AR)

  • AI Solutions

    AI Solutions

  • Dark Mode

    Dark Mode

  • Siri


  • Memoji


  • Real-time Tracking

    Real-time Tracking

  • Multilinguality


  • Multi-Currency View

    Multi-Currency View

  • Currency Converter

    Currency Converter

  • Work Offline Functionality

    Work Offline Functionality

  • Payment Gateway Integration

    Payment Gateway Integration

  • QR/Barcode Scanner Integration

    QR/Barcode Scanner Integration

  • Motion Sensors

    Motion Sensors

  • Face Detection

    Face Detection

  • Live Streaming

    Live Streaming

  • Photo Editing

    Photo Editing

  • Video Editing

    Video Editing

  • Voice Search

    Voice Search

  • Push Notifications

    Push Notifications

Technology Stack

Programming Languages

We use various programming languages:

  • Swift – For building robust and smooth iOS, watchOS, and tvOS apps.
  • Objective-C – For maintaining and updating legacy apps.
  • UIKit – For building the app UI and controls.
  • Realm – For mobile database to structure data.

Backend Development

We use various technologies for backend:

  • Firebase – For a real-time database, authentication, and cloud functions.
  • Node.js – For server-side scripting and building scalable APIs.
  • Express.js – A web application framework for Node.js, used for building APIs.
  • MongoDB – As a NoSQL database for storing flexible and scalable data.
  • Redis – As an in-memory data structure store, used alongside databases.

Tools and IDE

We use various tools for app development:

  • iOS – For building native iOS apps.
  • tvOS – For building apps for the Apple TV platform.
  • Xcode – As the primary IDE for coding iOS apps.
  • Git – For version control and collaborative development.
  • Jira – For project tracking, issue, and bug management.
  • Confluence – For documentation and collaboration among team members.
  • Cocoapods – For dependency management in iOS projects.
  • Fastlane – For automating app release and deployment.

Quality Assurance and Testing

We use tools for quality assurance and testing:

  • XCTest – For unit testing code.
  • UI Testing – For UI and integration testing.
  • Crashlytics – For beta testing and crash reporting.
  • Appium – For cross-platform mobile app testing.
  • Jenkins – For continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD).

DevOps and Monitoring

We use services for build, release and monitoring:

  • Fabric – For distributing beta builds.
  • New Relic – For monitoring app performance.
  • Nginx – A high-performance web server and reverse proxy for APIs.
  • Google Analytics for Mobile – For tracking user behavior and app performance.
  • Crashlytics – For crash reporting and analysis.
  • New Relic – For monitoring and optimizing app performance.
  • Mixpanel – For advanced user analytics and product analytics.


We use various frameworks:

  • HealthKit – For accessing and integrating health and fitness data.
  • AVKit – For working with audiovisual media.
  • SceneKit – For 3D graphics and animations.
  • CloudKit – For data storage in iCloud.
  • EventKit – For accessing calendar and reminders.
  • MapKit – For embedding maps and location services.
  • WatchKit – For building Apple Watch apps.
  • iBeacon – For integrating Bluetooth beacons.
  • SiriKit – For Siri integration and voice commands.
  • ApplePay – For contactless payments support.
  • PushKit – For integrating push notifications.
  • Metal – Graphics acceleration framework.
  • Core Bluetooth – For connecting Bluetooth devices.
  • StoreKit – For in-app purchases and subscriptions.
  • Cocoa Touch – For key functionality for iOS apps.
  • Core Data – For persisting object graphs.

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Choose us for iOS app development that seamlessly blends innovation and expertise, bringing your ideas to life.

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Our Custom iOS App Development Process


Analysis of Requirements

  • Get to know your requirements
  • Understand your challenges
  • Proposing a solution


App Development Strategies

  • Make business strategies
  • Frame strategies based on needs
  • Get your feedback


Wireframing & Designing

  • Blueprint structure
  • Wireframing each screen
  • Designing the app



  • Coding the iOS app
  • Layout main sections
  • Get your feedback



  • Testing the app
  • 100% bug-free
  • Get final approval from you



  • Deploy to App Stores
  • Deploy to your server
  • App available for users

Industries We Serve

From healthcare, ecommerce, logistics, or any sector you operate in, we provide iOS app solutions that are tailored to address the unique needs and complexities of your industry.

Appreciation from Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, being a leading iOS app development agency, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with all our clients to ensure that their shared idea is safe and secure with us. We also take care of the shared data and information related to your project and take every measure to keep it confidential.

Space-O being a top iPhone application development company, we have successfully developed almost all types of iPhone apps covered by many news websites like BBC News, TechCrunch, The Huffington Post. Here are some of the types of iPhone mobile applications development projects that we have successfully handled:

  • Health & Fitness
  • On Demand
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Food & Drink
  • Social Networking
  • Photo & Video
  • Real Estate
  • Travel & Tourism

Generally, iPhone app development takes 4 weeks to 9 months. This range depends on various factors, including the complexity of the mobile applications, features, and functionalities that you want to include. However, we can calculate the exact duration of your work after discussing your idea and requirements. To know the exact duration, just fill our contact us form with your requirements, and one of our sales representatives will get back to you shortly.

Space-O, being one of the top iOS development companies, allocates resources for your project on the basis of your iOS application idea and the hiring model that you select. Therefore, we ensure to allocate the best-suited iPhone app developers for your project.

You don’t have to discuss your requirements with the developer directly. Instead, we will assign one project manager who will be in touch with you to comprehend your needs and communicate those requirements with the iPhone app developer.

Yes, the assigned project manager will keep sending you the project progress and other important updates on a regular basis. In case of any queries, you can feel free to contact him for assistance.

Here are some of the security measures we take to keep your mobile applications safe and secure:

  • Apply for signature-based permissions
  • Disallow access to your app’s content providers
  • Apply network security measures

Yes, of course, we will take care of uploading your app on the App Store as a mobile application development process. So, don’t worry. We handle everything from ideation to designing and developing to deploying.

Depending on the type of change or modification you need in your app, we will guide you further.

Yes, our team will support you even after your application gets live in the App Store. We provide 90-days of free support so that you can get in touch with us even after the app release on the App Store.