Data Privacy

We are committed to protecting your idea.

Space-O Technologies protects app ideas and handles data protection during the mobile app development phase using various network and operational securities.

Being a leading mobile app development company, we know a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) holds a lot of value when you want to make your dream app into reality. So to ensure your app idea is safe with us, we sign an NDA.

NDA is a confidentiality agreement that is a written contract between two parties (clients and organizations). It prohibits the sharing of sensitive information, business strategies, and mobile app ideas.

Overview of Our NDA

Space-O is committed to securing and handling all sensitive data and business information with administrative, technical, and physical safeguards. We follow all laws and regulations closely using industry-standard encryption.

Using our software, all the sensitive information, business strategies, and ideas are automatically encrypted, stored, and securely backed up. In addition, we have a dedicated team that looks after all the signing of an NDA and guides you throughout the agreement.

Key Clauses of an NDA:

  • Name of parties that are signing the agreement
  • Define confidential and non-confidential information (such as publicly available reports or information shared by someone else)
  • Share the purpose behind sharing any information
  • Get clarification on exactly how the shared information can and can’t be used
  • Set the time frame or duration of the agreement (valid for two years, but can be extended in some cases)
  • Delete complete data from the server if the clients do not wish to work later

How We Keep Your App Idea Safe

We understand your business has crucial proprietary information, and that needs complete protection. Therefore, we always put an NDA before starting a project. By signing the NDA, we aim to avoid discrepancies during the transition and development phases.

Our agreements will provide complete protection for sensitive or confidential data from third-party access. To avoid conflicts and streamline the mobile app development process, we provide legal documents related to NDA.

NDA maintains the secrecy of the information and reduces the chances of important information being leaked. We have also mentioned in our agreement that anything which comes under the bracket of ‘confidential’ is not revealed to any third party in any circumstances.

Even we welcome you to use your own customized NDA when we engage in an agreement. However, our legal department team will review the document first to ensure all the clauses are feasible for the deal. Overall, we ensure to protect disclosures of intellectual property and safeguard the organization as a whole.

Security Measures to Prevent Data Breach

Space-O doesn’t leave any stone unturned to protect your app idea and proprietary information. For us, data privacy is of utmost importance.

Space-O complies with stringent privacy measures to protect confidential data. We ensure that the sensitive data is not leaked, shared, disclosed, or transferred to any outsider. In addition, we and our trusted management use the entire data and crucial business strategies to deliver a better interactive experience with our services.

We have excellent measures in place that ensure the security of your data in our app development center, including general safety, network security, and operational security.

General Security

  • Secured development area which prevents unauthorized access
  • Usage restriction of unauthorized programs and web-tools
  • Periodical information audit
  • Restriction of bringing in personal removable media and other devices
  • Security staff monitors the place and keeps check on people and goods coming in and out of the premise
  • Our buildings are equipped with fire alarms and fire hydrant systems
  • Space-O employees sign an NDA to prevent a data breach
  • Source codes are safely backed up using highly secured software

Network Security

  • User authentication – distinct ACL policies in place
  • Firewalls are installed on our servers to ensure the authenticated access
  • Regular virus scans and software updates to its latest versions
  • Segregation of information and other service networks
  • LAN traffic separation
  • Encryption of data using VPN and other channels
  • LAN monitoring
  • Security control station (SCS) in buildings with optical and optimal uplinks
  • Secured network equipment
  • Version control systems
  • Network-attached storage (NAS)
  • Amazon Web Service (AWS) to tighten security
  • SVN/GitLab

Operational Security

  • Our office premise is completely secured and is monitored all day, daily
  • Physical surveillance systems in place