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From validating your idea to making it successful, we help you create custom Android, iOS, and web-based applications using OpenAI models. We have an in-house team of dedicated AI developers who have experience and knowledge about OpenAI API, GPT3 app development, DALL·E app development, and Codex app development. We have experience in using different models of OpenAI and integrating them into mobile applications using OpenAI API.

If you have a project and are not sure how to use OpenAI’s models to solve your business problems, we encourage you to have a free consultation call. We will help you figure out the different use cases for using OpenAI in your custom application. This will make you stand out from your competitors.

We have experience in developing enterprise-level complex solutions. So far, we have developed successful apps and web-based solutions like Glovo, ShakaGuide, FTCash, and MoSnowPros.

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Clients Love Space-O Technologies

Space-O provided top-tier developers for our AI-powered mobile app. Their expertise with natural language processing and integrating advanced OpenAI models like GPT-3 and Codex was invaluable. Since launch, user engagement has increased 60% and retention is up 31%, thanks to the incredibly intelligent app they built by leveraging OpenAI APIs for speech recognition, language translation, and text generation.

Roberto Bradshaw


Head of Product, AI Startup

Roberto Bradshaw

AI App Development Services Using OpenAI

OpenAI Consulting

OpenAI Consulting

Want to develop an OpenAI-based mobile app but not sure about its technical feasibility? Book your 30 minutes free consultation with us. Know the cost, get the roadmap, and understand the best practices to develop your mobile app.

ML and AI App Development

ML and AI App Development

Looking to create an app using advanced technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence? Let’s talk. Our developers leverage OpenAI API to automate tasks, help your business to solve problems, and serve the customer better.

DevOps Development

DevOps Development

Want to improve efficiency and code quality during the app development process? We have experience in using advanced ML models of OpenAI to streamline the app delivery process. Contact us for your requirements.

ChatGPT and Whisper API Integration

ChatGPT and Whisper API Integration

Want to integrate OpenAI’s newly launched ChatGPT or Whisper API into your existing app or software? Want to make sure that adding these new APIs doesn’t impact the current workflow of your app? We can help you.

Chatbot App Development

Chatbot App Development

Want to develop a chatbot app that understands and responds to the user in a natural way? With our chatbot app development services, get a personal assistant that answers all questions. Let’s discuss building a chatbot with OpenAI’s machine learning models.

Testing and Debugging

Testing and Debugging

Want to fix bugs and improve the code quality of your application? Contact us. We use OpenAI API to precisely spot security vulnerabilities in your app. Get your app’s features tested across multiple devices and platforms.

Want to Use OpenAI to Create Your Own App?

Let’s get in touch. We have experience in developing custom mobile applications using different models of OpenAI.

Explore Our Mobile App Portfolio


Glovoandroid app platform

Covered by Techcrunch, Glovo is the most downloaded on-demand delivery app in Spain. Developed by our mobile application developer team, this app has received total funding of $1.2B. This app is available in over 25 countries and 1500 cities.

Weather Radar Live

Weather Radar Live

Weather Radar Live app has been downloaded by more than 150K users within a year. With 2.1K ratings and an average rating of 4.4 stars, this app is well-known for offering the most accurate weather alerts 24/7 for any location.


TOR Appandroid app platform

Designed and developed by our Android developers, the TOR app is downloaded by 100K+ users within a year of its launch. TOR has received more than 8500+ ratings and an average rating of 4.3 stars, provides a secure VPN and internet speed test.


One8android app platform

One8 is an enterprise fleet management solution developed by our mobile and web app developers. It allows the users to request deliveries and get optimized routes for every trip. The drivers can manage their trips on the app as well.

NFC Jewelry App

NFC Jewelry App

Momento is the smart readable, and writable NFC jewelry app allowing you to store more than 3 GB of precious memories and up to 3000 pictures and hours of videos within a few clicks. You can add audio, text, link, and document, and import Google Photos to store them in the NFC chip

Bada Property Exchange App

Bada Property Exchange App

The Bada Property Exchange is a property management app, allows Indians to exchange their properties against the home, office, or land. You just need to list down your properties, irrespective of the type, size, and city, in this one of the widely used real estate apps.

Tools and Technologies We Use


  • Python Python
  • Java Java
  • Ruby Ruby
  • Swift Swift
  • C++ C++


  • React Native React Native
  • Flutter Flutter
  • TensorFlow TensorFlow
  • PyTorch PyTorch


  • AWS Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud Platform Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure

DevOps tools

  • Git Git
  • Jenkins Jenkins
  • Docker Docker

Why Choose Space-O Technologies?

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Success Score on Upwork

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Apps Live on App Stores

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Jobs Completed on Upwork

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Unique Feature Implemented

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Small and Large Innovation

Mobile App Developers

AI App Developers

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App Downloads

Years of Experience

Years of Experience

Clients Worldwide

Clients Worldwide

Want to Develop an AI-based App?

Contact us. Get your free consultation from experienced ML and AI application developers.

Our AI App Development Process Using OpenAI


Requirement Analysis

  • Understand the problem
  • Determine the key features
  • Identify OpenAI to complement it


OpenAI Model Selection

  • Understand each OpenAI model
  • Select a model as per the need
  • Check the performance and cost


Design UI/UX

  • Create wireframes and prototypes
  • Design final visuals and layout
  • Send for approval


OpenAI Model Integration

  • Choose the appropriate model
  • Write code to send requests to API
  • Integrate the app in the backend


Testing and Debugging

  • Make code bug-free
  • Ensure the correct functionalities
  • User testing to gather feedback



  • Use deployment tools like Jenkins
  • Deploy on the hosting platform
  • Monitor and maintain the app

We Develop These Types of Application Using OpenAI



  • Chatbot for mental health support
  • App for analysing medical records
  • Disease prediction app



  • App for language learning
  • Student progress report app
  • Career guidance app



  • Fraud detection app
  • App to predicts credit score
  • App to analyze transactions

Image and video

Image and video

  • Image and video recognition app
  • Music generation app
  • Image generation app

Natural language processing

Natural language processing

  • Chatbots for customer service
  • Language translation app
  • Speech recognition app

Text analysis

Text analysis

  • Resume parsing app
  • Text summarization app
  • Text classification app

Want to Develop Similar Apps?

Check the types of applications we can develop with OpenAI. If you want to develop similar applications? Just let us know the type of app you need. We will send you a free quote and timeline.

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Appreciation from Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

At Space-O, we have a dedicated team and experience in developing mobile applications using advanced technologies like ML, AI, and OpenAI. We have also experience in integrating OpenAI API into different types of mobile applications. That’s the core reason why you need to hire Space-O for anything related to OpenAI app development services.

The cost of creating a custom OpenAI-based mobile application depends on multiple factors like the platform on which you want to develop your application, the development team that you hire, your location, and the features that you want to integrate into your application. So answering without knowing your specific requirements is quite difficult. If you want to get an accurate estimate, let’s get in touch.

Being in the app development industry since 2010, we know what it takes to develop and build a secure mobile application. We use different methods and tools to secure your application. We use different methods like encrypting sensitive data, testing vulnerabilities in between the development process, and using secure coding practices. This makes sure that the application that we develop for you is totally secure.

When you hire us or our dedicated team for your project, we know how important it is to communicate the details and to be on the same page. For that, we first assign a dedicated project manager who has in-depth knowledge of the technologies being used behind the project. We use different communication channels like Skype, Basecamp, and Jira to update you about the progress of the project. Of course, if you have any other preferences for the communication channel, we are open to different channels as well.

Yes. You can hire a dedicated development team who has experience in developing applications using OpenAI. We, in fact, encourage you to hire a dedicated team only. This will help you to have full control over your team. You can communicate and direct your team to your requirements. You can have meetings to explain your vision and mission.