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Our RoR AI Chatbot Development Expertise

Conversational UI Development

Conversational UI Development

We expertly create text and voice chatbots using Rails frameworks such as RubyNLP and AI4R, combined with renowned NLP libraries like Dialogflow, Rasa, and Lex.

Intelligent Assistant Development

Intelligent Assistant Development

Using Ruby ML frameworks, we build multi-capability AI assistants combining conversational AI like GPT-3 with analytics, recommendations, and predictions.

Customizable Chatbot Development

Custom Chatbot Development

Our team develops smart, customizable chatbots precisely tailored to your industry’s workflows by diligently training LLM models like ChatGPT on your specific data.

Omni-channel Deployment

Omni-channel Deployment

We architect your AI chatbot solution for seamless deployment across platforms like the web, mobile, call centers, procurement systems, and even more channels.

Hybrid AI Approach

Hybrid AI Approach

Our developers blend conversational AI technologies like GPT-3 with vision capabilities, targeted recommendations, accurate predictions, and in-depth analytics.

Voice-based Chatbots

Voice-based Chatbots

We build natural, intuitive voice-based bots using advanced speech recognition and natural language processing to comprehend spoken conversations.

Need a Custom Ruby AI Solution?

Can’t find an off-the-shelf AI solution fit for your specific use case and data? Get a custom Ruby AI system designed just for you through our tailored process:

  • checked-engagement Planning & Discovery Workshops
  • checked-engagement Solution Analysis & Architecture
  • checked-engagement Custom Model Development
  • checked-engagement Rigorous Testing & Validation
  • checked-engagement Controlled Rollout & Launch
  • checked-engagement Ongoing Maintenance & Support

Clients Love Space-O Technologies

Ruby on Rails AI Chatbot Development Partner

Looking for an experienced partner to bring your AI chatbot vision to life? The skilled Ruby on Rails developers at Space-O are ready to collaborate with you.
By harnessing the power of OpenAI’s API and state-of-the-art AI models, we ensure your chatbot is not only smart but also truly understands its users. Each API request is designed with precision, reflecting our dedication to achieving the perfect conversation flow.

We utilize our deep expertise in Ruby, Rails, machine learning, and conversational AI to deliver exceptionally intelligent bots. Our custom NLP models understand your users’ unique language. We design engaging dialog flows that guide users seamlessly. Robust integrations connect your bot across platforms and business systems.

Choose Space-O as your Ruby on Rails AI chatbot development partner. Our proven process brings together UX design, conversation engineering, integration architecture, and custom ML model building to create sophisticated voice and text-based bots. We work as an extension of your team to make your most ambitious AI assistant a reality

Let’s Discuss Your RoR AI Project

Ruby AI Chatbot Portfolio

Preview AI solutions built by our Ruby and ML experts:

Our RoR AI Chatbot Technology Stack

Our Ruby machine-learning experts leverage the latest techniques and frameworks:

Programming Languages

We deliver efficient and scalable applications, we employ:

  • Ruby 3.1 – For robust and dynamic coding
  • JRuby – For prioritizing scalability in larger projects
  • Python – Renowned for its simplicity and versatility, ideal for various application types including data analysis and AI.
  • Go (Golang) – For its performance efficiency and concurrency support, best suited for system-level programming and scalable applications.

Web Frameworks

Driving web application development through:

  • Rails 7 – For comprehensive web solutions
  • Hanami – To ensure flexibility and performance
  • Django – A high-level Python framework that emphasizes reusability, less code, and the principle of “Don’t repeat yourself (DRY)”.
  • Express.js – A minimalistic web framework for Node.js, known for building fast and scalable web applications.

NLP Libraries

We’ve achieved excellence in natural language processing using:

  • RubyNLP – For Ruby-based natural language processing
  • AI4R – For machine learning and data algorithms
  • GPT-3 – For incorporating advanced text generation capabilities
  • Anthropic Claude – For human-like AI interactions
  • Dialogflow, Rasa, & Lex – For powering intuitive chatbot experiences

Machine Learning Frameworks

Crafting data-driven insights and models with:

  • TensorFlow – For state-of-the-art neural networks
  • PyTorch – For ensuring deep learning capabilities
  • Scikit-Learn – For efficient data analysis and modeling

Cloud AI Services in Our Arsenal

Optimizing deployments and scaling on-demand using:

  • GCP Vertex AI – For harnessing Google’s AI expertise
  • AWS SageMaker – For building, training, and deploying ML models
  • Azure Cognitive Services – For offering diverse AI functionalities

Infrastructure Tools We Rely On

Guaranteeing efficient deployment and orchestration via:

  • Docker – For containerizing our applications
  • Kubernetes – For orchestrating container deployments
  • Serverless – For enabling flexible and scalable cloud functions

Let Our ML Experts Build Your AI Chatbot

Our accomplished Ruby ML teams can quickly develop capable, scalable conversational interfaces tailored to your needs using proven frameworks like Rails, GPT-3, TensorFlow. Reach out to get started on an AI-powered chatbot that delivers true business impact.

Our AI Development Life Cycle

Every use case is unique. We follow proven development processes honed over 100+ AI projects. Our meticulous approach ensures optimal performance, scalability, and reliability for every AI solution we deliver. Our tailored process delivers custom AI solutions matching your specific data, workflows and goals using Ruby and Rails:


Planning & Design

Detail required capabilities, workflows, and integrations and craft optimal roadmap.


Data Processing

Aggregate, cleanse, and label data using RoR ETL and formulate training datasets.


Model Training

ML engineers train custom NLP models like Claude using your data for accuracy.


Integration & Testing

Integrate models into the app and rigorously test them under varied conditions.


Deployment & Monitoring

Deploy the AI solution and monitor model KPIs continuously.


Maintenance & Support

Provide ongoing assistance, resolve issues, and improve models by retraining new data.

RoR Consulting Team Certifications

As a leading Ruby on Rails consulting service provider with a global team of 20+ experts, we boast numerous certifications.


Ruby Association Certified Ruby Developer

AWS Certified

AWS Certified Developer

Google Cloud

Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect

Microsoft Certified Azure

Microsoft Certified Azure Developer

Certified Information Systems Security Professional

CISSP – Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Certified Cloud Security Professional

CCSP – Certified Cloud Security Professional

Certified Ethical Hacker

CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker

Why Choose Us for AI Development?

When choosing an AI development partner, consider these Space-O strengths:

100+ AI Projects Completed

We have delivered 100+ AI chatbots, assistants, and NLP analytics solutions.

Cutting-edge Ruby AI Expertise

Our teams have expertise across Ruby, Rails, GPT-3, TensorFlow, and PyTorch.

Continuous Model Improvement

We continuously retrain models using new data to make them smarter over time.

Flexible Engagement Models

We provide customized solutions tailored to your exact budget, needs and priorities.

Proven ROI Focus

We craft solutions to solve real-world problems and generate measurable ROI.

Human-centered Design

Our UX-focused approach puts user needs first, delivering intuitive AI interfaces.

Our Global Delivery Model

With remote Ruby ML teams stationed across the globe, we flexibly serve clients 24/7. This worldwide presence ensures timely delivery, local expertise, and seamless communication regardless of time zones.

North America

North America

Our RoR teams in Toronto, New York, and Mexico City work seamlessly in your North American time zone.


Asia Pacific

Engage with our dedicated RoR experts in Singapore and Sydney, synchronized to Asia Pacific hours.

Middle East


Connect with RoR specialists in London, Berlin, and Barcelona, aligned with European work rhythms.

Middle East

Middle East

Collaborate with our RoR professionals in Dubai and Tel Aviv, attuned to Middle Eastern timings.

Industries We Serve

We blend technical expertise and AI-driven insights has empower businesses across various sectors. Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique demands and challenges of each industry. Here’s a glimpse of the arenas where we’ve made a significant impact



We’ve created AI bots that assist both patients and care teams, ensuring timely assistance and better patient outcomes.


Retail & Ecommerce

From personalized recommendations to virtual shopping assistants, we’re redefining the retail landscape.



With our experience, we’ve developed AI assistants that are streamlines customer service in the financial sector.



Our custom educational chatbots enhances student engagement and streamlining administrative processes



With the integration of NLP, our AI solutions predict maintenance needs before they turn into costly downtimes.

And more


Our machine learning tools are optimizing routing and logistics, ensuring timely deliveries and efficient fleet management.

Let’s Explore Custom Ruby AI Solutions

Want to learn more about our Ruby on Rails AI development services? Reach out for a free consultation and let’s explore how we can craft intelligent assistants and bots tailored to your needs.