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Our RoR Developers’ Core Expertise

RoR Consulting

RoR Consulting

Get specialized guidance from our certified RoR consultants through services like architecture reviews, code auditing, performance tuning, security assessments, and technical training.

API Development

API Development & Integration

We have extensive expertise in developing scalable REST and RPC APIs for seamless integration between diverse apps and third-party services using proven Ruby on Rails techniques focused on security, speed, and reliability.

RoR Migration

Legacy App Modernization

Our skilled RoR developers safely and efficiently migrate legacy systems written in Java, .NET, PHP, and moreover to modern cloud-native Ruby on Rails architectures without disruption.

ROR Portal Development

Custom Web Application Development

Our Ruby on Rails developers have delivered over 500 web apps from simple websites to complex SaaS platforms. We are experts at building secure, high-performance, user-friendly web applications tailored to your specific workflows.

RoR Modernization

Dedicated Support & Maintenance

Get specialized ongoing support, maintenance, and enhancements for your RoR apps from our Ruby developers available for hire. We ensure your apps remain optimized, updated, and secure post-launch.

MVP Development

MVP Development

Our RoR developers build and rapidly iterate on minimum viable products (MVPs) to validate your ideas with minimal upfront investment. Realize business goals faster.

Customized RoR Developer Engagement

Every project has unique needs constraints. Our experts will listen assess your specific Ruby development requirements craft customized engagement strategy – aligned team structure, experience levels, timelines, pricing fulfills your vision. We ensure you get matched with right certified RoR experts who become seamless extension your culture.

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Hire Our Senior RoR Developers

Our certified Ruby on Rails developers have 5-10 years of hands-on experience building, deploying, and supporting secure, high-performing RoR applications. As a recognized leader in the industry, our team embodies the excellence and innovation you’d expect from a top-tier RoR development company.

They bring deep expertise across the entire Ruby stack – Rails, RSpec, PostgreSQL, Redis, Sidekiq, ActionCable, and more. Their strict adherence to robust programming practices results in clean, maintainable, and well-tested code.

Trust our seasoned technical experts to lead or support your project and take it to the next level. With our reputation as a leading Ruby on Rails development company, you’re in good hands. Reach out to get started.

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Our Portfolio

Looking to Hire RoR Developers?

We have experienced web developers who are proficient in Ruby on Rails. Hire Ruby developers for your project today. Talk to us.

Our Ruby on Rails Technical Capabilities

With 13+ years specializing in Ruby on Rails development, Space-O has cultivated deep expertise across the entire RoR technology stack.

Tools for RoR Development

We have delivered 500+ RoR projects leveraging

  • Ruby on Rails – For core application development
  • RSpec – For test-driven development
  • Sidekiq – For background job processing
  • Resque – For queueing tasks
  • Whence – For natural date management

Frontend Development

We build intuitive UIs using:

  • HTML5 – For content structuring
  • CSS3 – For styling and responsive design
  • JavaScript ES6 – For interactive features
  • React – For building component-based UIs
  • Vue.js – For reactive interfaces
  • Angular – For MVC-based UIs
  • Bootstrap – For responsive design

Backend & Database

We integrate robust:

  • Robust APIs using Ruby on Rails
  • SQL databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • NoSQL databases like MongoDB, Redis
  • Docker containers for standardization

Cloud Hosting & Deployment

We deploy and host apps on:

  • AWS – For IaaS and PaaS
  • Google Cloud – For computing, storage, networking
  • Azure – For Windows-based cloud services
  • Heroku – For containers and serverless

CI/CD & DevOps

We enable continuous delivery using:

  • GitHub – For version control
  • Jenkins – For build automation
  • CircleCI – For automated testing
  • Ansible – For app deployment

Debugging & Testing

We test and debug RoR applications using:

  • Byebug – For debugging Ruby code
  • New Relic – For monitoring app performance
  • RSpec – For test-driven development
  • Capybara – For integration testing
  • FactoryBot – For test data generation
  • Jasmine – For JavaScript unit testing

Our RoR Developer Hiring and Onboarding Process

We follow a streamlined process compliant with ISO and GDPR standards to hire and onboard RoR developers:


Project Intake

We conduct in-depth calls to discuss your requirements, culture, processes, and team dynamics. This ensures we thoroughly understand your priorities so we can match Ruby on Rails developers accordingly.


Screening & Evaluation

Developers are meticulously screened through live code tests, technical assessments, and portfolio reviews. We thoroughly evaluate Ruby on Rails expertise across frameworks, security, databases, APIs, cloud, UI, and other relevant domains.


Candidate Profiles

We present the most qualified developer profiles that align with your project needs and have passed our vetting process. These profiles include a skills matrix, years of experience, client reviews, and personality assessment.


Interviewing & Selection

Assist in tailored technical interviews based on specific project requirements, and schedule demonstrations of Ruby on Rails (RoR) work samples as necessary.



We handle contracts, tools/system access, infrastructure setup, and provide comprehensive onboarding. Additionally, we ensure developers integrate smoothly into your workflows.


Project Execution & Review

Developers work under your direction while being guided by our expertise. Moreover, we obtain direct feedback on the experience of working with our RoR developers.

Why Choose Space-O to Hire RoR Developers?

When looking to hire Ruby on Rails developers, consider these benefits of choosing Space-O:

500+ Successful RoR Projects

We have delivered over 500+ RoR projects and have deep expertise across the entire Ruby stack.

50+ In-house RoR Developers

Our carefully vetted in-house team has 50+ certified senior RoR developers located globally.

5+ Years of Average RoR Experience

Our developers have an average of 5+ years of production experience building and supporting RoR apps.

Rigorous RoR Skills Validation

We meticulously test for RoR proficiency before presenting candidate profiles.

Flexible On-demand Scaling

Our engagement models make it easy to get RoR talent on-demand aligned to your needs.

24×7 Support

After hiring, our technical experts provide ongoing 24×7 application support.

Global Talent Placement

Our pre-vetted Ruby on Rails developers are strategically located across regions to align with your needs. With resources across the Americas, Asia, and Middle East, we can provide in-region or remote talent aligned to your needs.

North America

North America

Our developers in time zones EST and PST ensure overlap with US and Canada teams.



With developers across India, we support APAC requirements.

Middle East

Middle East

Our team in Saudi & Dubai comprises certified RoR developers aligned to your needs.

Domain Expertise

With 50+ projects delivered across verticals, our Ruby developers have accumulated specialized industry expertise:



We build HIPAA-compliant apps and have expertise in healthcare data, compliance, and workflows.


Retail & E-commerce

We apply the latest innovations like headless architecture to build great customer experiences.



We integrate banking systems, implement fintech features like blockchain, and ensure security.



We deliver customized RoR solutions for administration, distance learning, and alumni engagement.


Real Estate

We build agent portals, integrate MLS systems, and enable transactions via Ruby on Rails apps.

And more

And more

We also serve industrial vertical sectors like transportation, legal, construction, and entertainment.