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At Space-O Technologies, our engagement approach is designed to provide flexibility and choice to both enterprises and startups. We offer four distinct engagement models, enabling you to select the one that aligns most effectively with your specific project needs.

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Our Flexible Engagement Models


Suited For:

Size of Project:

Requirement Type:

Client’s Involvement:

Time Frame:


Dedicated Team Model

Dedicated Team

Suited For: Entrepreneurs and Large enterprises.

Size of Project: Ideally suited for large projects.

Requirement Type: Evolving project requirements.

Client’s Involvement: Low client involvement, as the team is dedicated.

Time Frame: Estimated project timelines, with flexibility.

Budget: Flexible budget arrangements.

Fixed Price Model

Fixed Price

Suited For: Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Small to Large enterprises.

Size of Project: Suitable for medium to large projects.

Requirement Type: Fixed project requirements.

Client’s Involvement: Medium client involvement to define fixed requirements.

Time Frame: Fixed project timelines.

Budget: Fixed budget for the entire project.

Hourly Price Model

Hourly Price

Suited For: Startup companies.

Size of Project: Ideal for small and medium-sized projects.

Requirement Type: High flexibility in project requirements.

Client’s Involvement: High client involvement, as requirements may change frequently.

Time Frame: Fixed hourly rates, adaptable to evolving project timelines.

Budget: Fixed hourly rates, providing cost control.

On-site Team Model

On-site Team

Suited For: Enterprises and Government firms.

Size of Project: Suited for large projects.

Requirement Type: Evolving project requirements.

Client’s Involvement: Low client involvement, with estimated project requirements.

Time Frame: Estimated project timelines, with flexibility.

Budget: Flexible budget arrangements.

Dedicated Team Model

If you are an entrepreneur and want to develop a mobile application for your company, but don’t have enough time to regularly communicate with each team member like a developer, designer, quality analyst and web developer regarding your requirements, then dedicated team model is for you.

Under this model, you can hire an entire team, including Android and iPhone developers, web developer for backend, UI/UX designer, quality analyst and project manager, who will handle the entire team.

You just need to communicate with the project manager, regarding your project requirements, and he/she will handle the entire team and take care of the project. In short, the main purpose of this model is to hire a dedicated team, who will seamlessly work as your own.

For this model, you only have to pay a fixed monthly fee for each resource you use or hire. You are allowed to choose the best and skilled resources.

Dedicated Team Model

Fixed Price Model

If you are an entrepreneur and have a small and medium-sized project with clear and well- structured requirements, then Fixed Price Model is for you, where you have to pay a decided amount or fixed price for the final product.

Under the Fixed Price Model, your project requirements, specifications and schedules can be clearly defined before the start of the development that lowers the risk for you. The benefit of a fixed price model is that it requires minimum supervision from your side.

All the aspects of the development process, project management, quality analysis and assurance will be taken care by us. This model is considered as one of the most effective models when it comes to cut down on your costs and develop an app within budget. Even, the timeline of the project is fixed, so the project has to be completed within the decided time limit.

Fixed Price Model

Hourly Price Model

Whether you are a startup company or entrepreneur, if you have small project requirements like changes/fixes in your already developed app, backup or restore and crash recovery, or want to upgrade your app with new features and functionalities, then hourly price model or we can say time and material model is the best option.

You can hire an expert on the number of working hours that your project requires. In this engagement model, you can directly communicate with the hired expert and explain your requirements. You can also make changes during the development process and go for additional features in case if it is necessary.

The expert will work under your guidance and perform changes/fixes according to your project requirements. Under this model, the total cost is directly proportional to the time and resource involved in delivering the project.

Hourly Price Model

On-site Team Model

Do you have a project in mind that needs close interaction with the team? If you want to work closely on your project along with the developers and want clear communication with them, then the on-site team model is the right option.

Under this model, you can hire a team of dedicated developers, who will work from your premises under your guidance. You can directly communicate with the team in-person, explain your requirements and make them work according to your business needs.

You can hire a team or a developer to come onsite to your office for the development. As the resource works from your office, you will get the freedom to manage the resource and utilize the skills as per your needs. This model is a perfect fit if your project requires your constant presence and approval.

On-site Team Model

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