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Baloora- School Bus Tracking App

We developed Baloora- vehicle tracking system for school buses. This school bus GPS app makes it easy for the parents to track their kid’s school bus in real-time using the GPS. If there is rerouting or emergencies, parents are alerted via notifications. This app to track school buses also helps school administrators to keep track of student safety.

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Baloora- An App with School Bus Tracking System

Baloora is the best school bus tracking app that can be used by both- the parents as well as the school administrators for tracking school buses.

There are four components of the app- User or Parent’s App, Crew or Bus Driver’s App, School Admin, and Super Admin panel. Parents use the User app and add their kid’s information into the app and track the bus locations in real-time. The Crew app logs students’ attendance when the board the bus. The school admin panel manages students, devices, crew members, buses, routes, and reports. The super admin is like school districts, manages partnered schools and reports generated by the schools.

Our client in Qatar is associated with the transportation department of his country. He is also an entrepreneur and wanted to resolve a universal problem faced by parents. He wanted to develop an app to track school bus that the working parents can use to track their kid’s status be at peace of mind. In case of any changes in the route or any emergency, the GPS tracking app to track bus, informs the parents as well as the school admins.

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Key Features of the School Bus
Tracker App

User or Parent App


Sign in

The first screen that any user sees on any child’s school bus tracking apps is the onboarding screen. The parents need to sign in by putting their registered mobile number into the mobile number field. Parents can register their numbers and details by sending an email to the school.



Real-time tracking

The parents can easily track the bus location using the GPS tracking feature called Map. Just like any other bus track app, parents can easily view the live location of their kid on the bus. They can also see if the bus is taking the usual route or changing its course for some reason.



Input Availability

Before any trip begins, the parents need to add the availability of the kids on the app. If the parent has more than one kid on the app, they need to specify which kid will be available or unavailable for the trip. This helps the school admins to keep a track of student attendance on the bus.



Push notifications

The parents get notified when the school trip is coming up, or when the child has boarded the bus, when the bus has reputed or if some emergency has come up. This keeps the parent in the loop. Users also get notified about renewing a subscription or new offers that are introduced.

Shipping Trip Details


Payment Gateway

Baloora is an app for parents to track school buses where the users need to buy a subscription to use it. We integrated the payment gateway called PayFort into this best bus tracking app. This makes the transactions fast and secure. The parents can manage their payments in the app itself.


Crew or Driver App



The main function of the Crew app is logging students’ attendance information on the child’s school bus. The crew members on the bus record presence when the kid boards the bus or marks an absence if the kid is marked unavailable by the parent. This record is sent to the school and parents.




The crew app is also used to inform the status of the kids to the parents and school admin. When the child boards or gets off the bus, when the child is on board that bus, when the child is approaching, reached the home, or school-every status is updated on the crew app for parents’ peace of mind.


School Admin


Manages routes

The school admin can manage the routes that each bus will take to pick up and drop off the kids. The admin decides the bus driver, the driver’s assistant, and the id number of kids at every bus stop. The admin can also view the map and see if any mishaps occur while the bus is enroute.

Manages routes


Manage assets

The school admin manages all the elements like the bus stop, crew, buses, students, parents, and other school admins. The school admin tracks the activity of each element and its details. From the number of kids to the speed of the bus, everything is recorded for the admin to manage.

Manage assets

Super Admin


Manage assets

The super admin manages assets like partnered schools and bus devices. The super admin can add, remove, edit details of, or deactivate schools and manages school subscriptions. The admin also manages bus information, bus devices and assigns them to specific subscribed schools.

Manage assets



The super admin receives reports from the partnered schools and crew devices. The admin monitors and manages reports that include various parameters like student attendance chart, bus speed, speed trend, crew interaction with the app, and route compliance percentage.


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Want to know more about the client, his idea, how he contacted us and how we developed this as a solution?

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