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Our Valuable Clients

Our Core Ruby on Rails Competencies

Web Application Development

Web Application Development

Our developers have delivered over 500 web applications from marketing sites to complex SaaS platforms. We build secure, intuitive apps tailored to your workflows.

API Development & Integration

API Development & Integration

We have extensive expertise in building scalable REST and RPC APIs using Ruby on Rails for seamless integration between diverse systems and third-party services.

RoR Migration

Legacy App Modernization

Our team has safely and smoothly migrated hundreds of legacy apps written in Java, .NET, PHP, etc over to modern cloud-native Ruby on Rails architectures.

ROR Portal Development

Dedicated Support

We provide ongoing maintenance, support, and regular enhancements to keep your RoR apps up-to-date, secure, and performing optimally post-launch.

MVP Development

MVP Development

Our experts build minimum viable products (MVPs) using RoR to validate your ideas quickly with minimal investment and get market feedback.


RoR Consulting

We proudly offer Ruby on Rails consulting services, including architecture reviews, code auditing, performance tuning, security assessments, and more.

Not Finding a Model That Suits Your Needs?

We can schedule a free consultation to understand your specific Ruby on Rails project requirements and devise a customized engagement model tailored to you. Our experts will assess your needs and recommend approaches for:

  • checked-engagement Team Composition
  • checked-engagement Timelines
  • checked-engagement Milestones
  • checked-engagement Pricing and Billing
  • checked-engagement Management Process
  • checked-engagement Communication
  • checked-engagement Project Scope & Goals
  • checked-engagement Reporting & Analytics
  • checked-engagement Technical Support

Clients Love Space-O Technologies

Hire the Best Skilled RoR Talent Fast

As a leading RoR development company, we specialize in helping businesses hire RoR developers swiftly. Regardless of urgency, we can supply vetted RoR developers in 1-2 weeks or less.

Unexpected Project Delays
If your RoR project is falling behind schedule due to resourcing gaps or departures, we can quickly fill positions with qualified developers to get you back on track.

Launching an Urgent Initiative
For time-sensitive initiatives like integrating a new real-time chat feature or releasing a promises feature, we can swiftly assemble an skilled RoR team to meet your deadlines.

Application Outages or Bugs
In the rare event your Ruby on Rails application faces outages or critical bugs, our 24/7 support means developers can start investigating and troubleshooting instantly.

Staffing for Events
If you need to quickly hire Ruby on Rails programmers to handle event registration spikes or seasonal order surges, we can immediately supplement your team.

We prioritize quality but can swiftly provide reliable Ruby on Rails talent when needed.

RoR Development Consultation

Our Portfolio

Technology Stack Used for RoR Development

With 13+ years specializing in Ruby on Rails development, Space-O has cultivated deep expertise across the entire RoR technology stack.

Tools for RoR Development

We have delivered 500+ RoR projects leveraging

  • Ruby on Rails – For core application development
  • RSpec – For test-driven development
  • Sidekiq – For background job processing
  • Resque – For queueing tasks

Frontend Development

We build intuitive UIs using:

  • HTML5 – For content structuring
  • CSS3 – For styling and responsive design
  • JavaScript ES6 – For interactive features
  • React – For building component-based UIs
  • Vue.js – For reactive interfaces
  • Angular – For MVC-based UIs
  • Bootstrap – For responsive design

Backend & Database

We integrate robust:

  • Robust APIs using Ruby on Rails
  • SQL databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • NoSQL databases like MongoDB, Redis
  • Docker containers for standardization

Cloud Hosting & Deployment

We deploy and host apps on:

  • AWS – For IaaS and PaaS
  • Google Cloud – For computing, storage, networking
  • Azure – For Windows-based cloud services
  • Heroku – For containers and serverless

CI/CD & DevOps

We enable continuous delivery using:

  • GitHub – For version control
  • Jenkins – For build automation
  • CircleCI – For automated testing
  • Ansible – For app deployment

Debugging & Testing

We test and debug RoR applications using:

  • Byebug – For debugging Ruby code
  • New Relic – For monitoring app performance
  • RSpec – For test-driven development
  • Capybara – For integration testing
  • FactoryBot – For test data generation
  • Jasmine – For JavaScript unit testing

RoR Developer Hiring Process


Project Intake

Discussions understand your requirements, objectives, and workflows. We research competitors, target users, and systems. Comprehensive intake enables us to strategize the RoR solution.


Solution Planning

Our architects design the system architecture for your needs. We create user journeys, wireframes, and diagrams. The outcome is a detailed product roadmap and plan.


Team Assembly

We carefully assemble an expert RoR team precisely matched to your project needs and inherent complexity. Our dedicated Ruby developers are fully vetted and bring proven, invaluable experience.


Onboarding & Kickoff

We diligently get all contracts, essential infrastructure, tools, and processes meticulously ready for kickoff. Thorough client onboarding ensures a smooth, efficient start to your RoR project.


Agile Delivery

Using Scrum methodology, our RoR team builds your project iteratively and incrementally. Continuous delivery of working features enables swift, precise testing and feedback.


Deployment and Support

After rigorous testing, we deploy the RoR solution. Post-launch, we offer updates, enhancements, and maintenance. Our experts ensure optimal application performance and security.

Why Choose Us for RoR Development?

Choose Space-O for your Ruby on Rails development needs to gain an experienced partner committed to your success.

13+ Years Building RoR Solutions

We have over a decade of deep expertise in Ruby on Rails development across diverse industries.

500+ Satisfied RoR Clients

Over 500 clients have trusted us to deliver innovative, effective Ruby on Rails solutions.

100+ In-house RoR Experts

Our team includes developers, testers, managers, and more, all specializing in RoR.

Proven Success Record

Our track record of successful on-time, on-budget projects speaks for itself.

Client-focused Approach

We listen closely to understand your needs and tailor solutions to help meet your unique goals.

24/7 Support

Our round-the-clock support means help is always available if you need it.

Broad Industry Experience

With over 500 RoR projects delivered across diverse verticals, Space-O has accumulated in-depth industry experience applicable to your business.



We build HIPAA-compliant apps and have expertise in healthcare data, compliance, and workflows.


Retail & E-commerce

We apply the latest innovations like headless architecture to build great customer experiences.



We integrate banking systems, implement fintech features like blockchain, and ensure security.



We deliver customized RoR solutions for administration, distance learning, and alumni engagement.


Real Estate

We build agent portals, integrate MLS systems, and enable transactions via Ruby on Rails apps.


And more

We also serve industrial vertical sectors like transportation, legal, construction, and entertainment.