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Abstract of Dhaw Photographer Booking App

Dhaw is a Saudi Arabia-based on-demand photographer app, but it is available for worldwide photographers and users. Considered as an app like Uber for photographers, Dhaw is an easy to use photographer booking app, allowing customers to book professional photographers for different events like wedding, product-launch, real estate photography, portrait photography and other events.

Using this uber for photography app, customers can look for professional photographers along with their portfolios, charges, expertise, total experience and other required information. In short, Dhaw is the complete on-demand solution, including the customer’s app, the photographer’s app, and the business website. One of the most unique features of this photography app solution is connecting photographers and customers from across the world.

About Our Client and His Requirements

Based in Saudi Arabia, our client is a professional photographer and has worked with National Geographic as a photographer. Being a photographer for the past 8 years, he was facing problems in managing bookings, earning records, work portfolios, and packages for different events. With such problems, he was not able to respond to all the requests from customers.

Then, he realized that all the photographers across the world might be facing the same problems when it comes to managing bookings, earnings, work portfolio, and other things related to the photography business.

Realizing this problem, our client decided to develop one such online platform where photographers can manage everything from bookings to earnings, new requests to on-going bookings, portfolio, and packages.

To develop one such online platform, our client started looking for a mobile app development company that has experience in developing such a platform. While searching on Google, our client found our website and landed on our mobile app development page. In fact, he also reviewed our portfolio and was impressed by our work, so he contacted us and shared his requirements.

Uber for Photography

Solution We Provided to Our Client

When our sales representative studied and analyzed our client’s requirements, he instantly understood it because we, at Space-O Technologies, have already developed one such platform for photographers and customers to connect in real-time. So, our sales representative did not take much time to understand our client’s requirements.

As per his needs, our business team prepared a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) document to give a structural view of the entire project. We suggest our client develop an on-demand solution, including the customer’s app, the photographer’s app and the backend website.

Using this on-demand photographer app, professional photographers and customers can get in touch and communicate pricing, dates, and other things to hire a photographer. Whether users own an Android phone or carrying an iPhone, this hire a photographer app works smoothly on both the platforms.

On-Demand Photographer
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Top Features We Integrated Into
On-Demand Photographer Solution

Customer’s App

Simple sign-up process

Simple sign-up process

The photographer app for customers comes with a simple sign-up process to make it easy for users to sign-up, filling required details and verifying the mobile numbers. Once the user sign-up in the app, he/she can log in using an email-id/mobile number and password.

Check all listed photographers

Check all listed photographers

The customer’s app for hiring a photographer allows users to check all the listed photographers in one place. Users can easily find all the listed photographers along with information like total experience, work portfolio, previous clients, cost and other required information.

Book photographer with a click

Book photographer with a click

The user’s app comes with a one-click booking option, enabling customers to book a photographer with just a single click. After reviewing all the photographers’ and their work, the customer selects one that has required experienced

Search photographer

Search option

This Uber like app for photographers offers a search filter for all the customers, allowing customers to search photographers by ratings, expertise, category and experience.

Book photographer

My bookings

My bookings feature allows customers to check all their bookings, be it active, past, and cancelled bookings along with their details for future references.

Hire featured photographers

Featured photographers

This feature displays and highlights popular photographers with their ratings, categories, featured photographers, location, and package detail of the photographer.



Customers can choose from 5 different packages that the photographers offer. The lowest-priced package is shown on the top so that the user can choose the right professional photographer easily.

Payment gateway integration

Payment gateway integration

The app for photographers comes with a safe and secure payment option, making it easier for customers to make payments from the app. In fact, customers can choose one payment option from multiple payment modes.

Add to favorites

Add to favorites

We integrated ‘add to favorites’ feature into this on-demand photographer app that allows users to add their favorite photographers in the favorite list and hire them as per their needs in the future.

Custom inquiry

Custom inquiry

Many a time, customers have specific requirements when it comes to hiring a photographer, so they can perform a custom inquiry as per their needs. It can be easily done by just an email to Dhaw admin.

Alerts and push notifications

Alerts and push notifications

Customers will get real-time updates and notifications about their bookings, confirmation from photographer, cancellation, and other important updated related to this app like Uber for photography.

Photographer’s App



The photographer’s app comes with an easy-to-follow sign-up process, so photographers from across the world can sign-up with details like name, contact details, bank details and other required information.

Create profile

Create profile

Once the photographer signed-up with the app, he can create a complete profile, including all the required information like total years of experience, expertise, work portfolio and maintain it on a daily basis.

Manage packages

Manage packages

Once photographers created their profile, it’s time to manage different packages in the photography app solution. As per their rates and expertise, photographers can create different packages to meet their customers’ requirements.

Booking requests

Booking requests

Photographers can manage all their booking requests whether it is new, unchecked or cancelled requests. They can check and take action accordingly.

Maintain total earnings

Maintain total earnings

This on-demand photographer app allows photographers to keep a track of all the earnings, including total, received, and outstanding. Photographers can manage all earnings and make a report by week, month and year.

Manage availability

Manage availability

Uber for photography app solution has made it easy for photographers to update their availability and mark any day unavailable. Also, photographers can check their booking information day-wise from the calendar.

Push notifications

Push notifications

The photographer booking app sends real-time updates and alerts, allowing photographers to know about the new photographer request, bookings, cancellation and other important features

Admin Panel

manages all photographers

Admin manages all photographers

Admin panel allows the admin of the business to manage all the photographers at one platform. The admin can accept and reject the registration request of photographers, depending upon the selected criteria.

Manage all the customers

Manage all the customers

Apart from photographers, the admin can manage all the customers, checking their profile, requirements, budget and created requests. Moreover, the admin can manage old and new customers with their information.

Create photographer bookings

Create bookings

Admin can create manual bookings for multiple dates. From the app, only single day booking is allowed, but the admin can create multiple bookings from the panel. In fact, he can view all the bookings like active, completed, cancelled, expired and disputed.



The admin panel of an on-demand app solution for photographers allows admin to create reports on the total number of deals, earnings, customers and photographers by month, quarterly and yearly.

Manage photographer comment

Manage photographer-wise commission

This feature in the admin panel allows the admin of the business to define the photographer-wise commission. Directly from the panel, the admin can define the commission rate, which can be edited in the future.


Block any photographer or customer

The admin can block and unblock any photographer or customer in case if they are creating any problem. With one single click, the admin of the business can manage all the blocked photographers and customers.

Manage photography

Manage photography categories

From the comfort of their home or cafeteria, the admin can manage photography categories, adding and removing any as per the requirement.

Promo codes

Promo codes

If it is a wedding season or any special event, the admin can provide promo codes for customers to get a discount on bookings. The admin can notify all the users or particular region’s users about the discount and promo codes.

Looking to Develop an On-demand Booking App?

Confused about whether your idea will work or not? Not sure how much it will cost? Let’s talk and validate your idea.

Some Small Challenges We Faced During Developing This On-Demand Photographer App Solution

While developing photographers on-demand solution, our mobile app development team did not face any major issue because we have already developed one such on-demand photographer app solution, so our team knows what it requires to develop the best photographer app for customers and photographers.

Our assigned mobile app developers faced one small issue in managing instant payment mode in Payfort because it was the new mode of payment in Payfort. However, our team spent some time researching this gateway and in the end, our team solved this issue. Another small change that our team made during post live was Twilio OTP as it did not work well for Saudi numbers; therefore, our team changed it to Firebase OTP.

Technology Stack

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Connected Photographers and Customers

Connected Over 3K Photographers and Customers

Our developed uber for photography app solution has connected over 3K photographers and customers so far. Through this online platform, customers can find the best and professional photographer in real-time.

Manage Entire Photography Business

One-stop Solution to Manage Entire Photography Business

No matter what type of photography services a photographer provides; the photographer can manage the entire business at this personal photographer platform. The photographer can bookings, earnings, work portfolio and other things related to business.

Appreciation from Clients