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Being a leading blockchain application development company, our team of blockchain developers have created a successful multi-currency and cryptocurrency wallet app with a range of features.

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Swipe is the first multi-currency and cryptocurrency wallet application, allowing people to send and receive different currencies/cryptocurrency across the world. Sending and receiving money between Swipe App users is free and real-time.

Moreover, the app also has a currency exchanger, enabling users to exchange their money in different currencies of the world, ranging from the US Dollar to the British Pound (GBP) with low exchange fee. Even, it supports cryptocurrencies like BitCoin and Ether.

About the Client


Our client for Swipe App is from London, United Kingdom. Currently, he leads a game development company that is based in London. From the last three years, he has been in the virtual currency industry, and due to his vast experience, he got the idea of developing a multi-currency wallet and cryptocurrency app that supports the maximum number of currencies of the world.

He wanted one such wallet application that helps people to send and receive currency/ cryptocurrency and exchange them with low fees.

To eliminate the need of downloading multiple apps that support different currencies and cryptocurrencies, he wanted to build a single mobile app solution that supports both currencies and cryptocurrencies.

While discussing the idea with our blockchain engineer, he explained different problems that people are currently facing when they transfer and receive money from different countries of the world. He also described the problem of exchanging currency and cryptocurrency. Let’s checkout the problems that he explained us.


So, our client was looking for a multi-currency mobile wallet that

  • Resolves the hassle of sending and receiving different currencies/cryptocurrencies worldwide.
  • A highly safe and secure solution for money transfer to bank account in more than 120 countries.
  • A mobile wallet application that allows people to split bills with friends and family at the touch of a button.
  • Currency/cryptocurrency exchanger, allowing travelers and businessmen to exchange money at lowest exchange fees.
  • A single wallet app that supports maximum currencies of the world, making it easier for people to send and receive money across the world.
  • An absolutely the most cost-effective way to exchange currency/cryptocurrency in the world, avoiding all the bank fees.
  • Simple, secure, and honest financial solution that improves lives of users.

Swipe – A Multi-Currency and Cryptocurrency Wallet Application That Supports Maximum Currencies of the World

First of all, our client described his whole cryptocurrency app development idea to us and explained us the solution that he wanted as a mobile wallet app. While explaining the idea, he also described the current problems people face while transferring and receiving currency online.

To get the idea about cryptocurrency wallet app, we analyzed and reviewed top crypto-wallet apps like Coinbase and Local Bitcoin that allow people to send and receive Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies.

Considering our client’s requirements and target audience’s needs, we as blockchain application development company, delivered a multi-currency and cryptocurrency wallet app that supports both currencies and cryptocurrencies, making it easy for people to receive and transfer money worldwide.


Let’s checkout the top features of Swipe Wallet Application that Solves Different Problems of People:

1. Adding Money Through Bitcoin, Ether, Card & Bank Transfer

After comprehending various people’s problems that they face while transferring and receiving currency from various countries, we have developed a multi-currency wallet app.

In this wallet app, we have integrated a Top Up feature that allows people to add money in their swipe account with Bitcoin, Ether, Card and from their bank account to swipe account.

In the below given screenshot, you can see the “Top Up” option through which app users can top-up the Swipe account with different currencies like Bitcoin & Ether and from their bank.


After clicking on the Top Up, users will see different options like add money via Bitcoin, Ethereum, Card and Bank Transfer. Here is the screenshot, where you can see:

To add money via Bitcoin, users can directly request their friend, family member or any other swipe app user to transfer bitcoin in your swipe account. For transferring bitcoin, there is one bar-code inside the bitcoin option that bitcoin sender can scan and transfer.

To share the bar-code with the sender, users just need to tap to copy the address and share it through their email or text. Once sender transfers the bitcoin, receiver will be able to see it in his/her account under bitcoin.


Talking about another option just like Bitcoin, users can also add money through Ethereum in their swipe account. They can request their friends or any swipe account users, asking them to pay Ethereum by scanning a barcode.

For requesting Ethereum, users just need to click on the “Ethereum” button that you can see in the below given screenshot. After clicking on Ethereum, users can see a barcode that they can share with the sender through email and text.


Another option to add money in their swipe account is through “Bank Transfer” that you can see in the below given screenshot. In this option, the users need to transfer the money from their bank account to swipe account online.

Every swipe app users will have his/her own unique ID for each currency and using this id as a reference they can transfer the money in the swipe account that will be reflected under bank transfer option. Users can manage different local and international bank accounts under bank transfer option.


2. Exchange – A Simple Yet Easy Way of Exchanging Currency and Cryptocurrency

A lot of businessmen worldwide must be traveling from one country to another for the business purpose and even various students prefer to travel from one country to another for further studies, so they might be converting money between different currencies according to their needs.

For converting money in different currencies, they have to pay higher exchange fees and other hidden charges. Considering this major issue in mind, we have integrated an “Exchange” feature in the Swipe application that you can see in the below given screenshot.

With this exchange feature in the application, one can exchange their money in different currencies according to their needs. Currently, it supports more than 120 different currencies from all around the world, ranging from the US Dollar to the British Pound (GBP).


The Exchanger also supports cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether, allowing users to convert cryptocurrency as well. People, who travel abroad, can find this feature extremely useful as they can easily find-out how much their currency is worth in just seconds.

For example, if any user has 1000 USD and he wants to convert it into pound, he just needs to select his currency (like USD) from the drop-down menu and enter the amount. Then he needs to select the currency in which he wants to convert (like pound) and then click on the “Exchange” button as given below in the screenshot.

With the extremely low exchange fees, users can easily convert their money into their desired currency or cryptocurrency.


3. Transferring Money Becomes Easier Like Never Before

To make online payments, sending money to friends or business partners easier, we have integrated an “Withdraw” feature in the application that you can see in the below given screenshot.

Using Withdraw feature, users can make payments and send money without any hassle. Even they can transfer money from their wallet money to any bank account anytime and anywhere. As we have already mentioned that the app also supports cryptocurrency, so one can transfer Bitcoin and Ether as well.

In the above give image, you can see that there are three different options to make payment, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bank Account. Users can easily make payment in terms of Bitcoin, Ethereum or directly into bank account. They can also add their wallet money into their bank account.


4. One-to-One Chat Option for Users

It can also be possible that a lot of users may have any confusion or query related to any feature of the application. Also, they might have any question related to adding money in the wallet, currency exchange or withdrawing money from the wallet to their bank account.

Considering this in mind, we integrated a one-to-one chat option in the application, allowing users to get in touch with the customer support team to discuss their issue or any query. In the below given screenshot, you can see how app users can communicate with any representative.

Moreover, you can also see how easily users and representative also send any image or PDF file through chat feature and communicate with each other without any hassle.


5. Maintaining “My Profile” Becomes Easier

In the application, there is an option for users to maintain their personal profile that can be easily maintained and edited by them. Every app user will have its own profile that can’t be viewed by other user of the application.

Here’s the screenshot of the “My Profile” in which you can see what type of information users need to include.

The user of the app can include personal and account details in the profile section. Moreover, they can also go through from the usage policy of the application and check verification and limits of it. The entered details will be safe and secure as other users of the app can be able to see each other’s profile information.


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Challenges that we Faced While Developing This App

Technology Stack


Swift 4








BitPay/Bitcore API


Web3.js Dapp API

Swipe Application – A Highly Safe & Secure Way For International Money Transfer

  • it is a multi-currency wallet app that supports both hard currency and cryptocurrency to receive and transfer money worldwide.
  • Fast, free and secure money transfer to bank account in more than 120 countries.
  • Fast, free and secure money transfer to bank account in more than 120 countries.
  • Exchange Currency and Cryptocurrency with lowest exchange fees.
  • Now, split bills with friends and family at the touch of a button. You can request them to pay in terms of money, bitcoin and Ether.
  • In any case, if user has any query or confusion related to their money transfer or exchange, they have one-to-one chat with the customer support team.
  • Users can easily maintain their personal profile in the app with required information. They can also invite their friends to download this app and directly share the link.

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