12 Top Advantages of Mobile Apps for Businesses

Did you know in 2026 users are predicted to download 143 billion mobile apps from Google Play Store?

This is a whopping 30% increase from the year 2021 when 111 billion apps were downloaded.

This is surely a huge increase.

Even, though there has been a clear shift in consumer mindset and user behavior during the post-pandemic. It has become important for businesses to reassess their existing business models.

With the increasing number of mobile devices and device features, you would notice that mobile apps are important for visibility and reach.

Before you make the decision, it is essential for you to know the top advantages of mobile apps and why mobile apps are all glory for businesses.

12 Advantages of Mobile Apps for Your Business

If you are at a stage where you believe mobile app development is suitable for your business but are worried about the investment, read on. We will take you through all the benefits of a mobile app, which should help you decide.

  1. Extends Extensive Value to Your Customers

    Imagine a situation where the customer wants to report a product defect. They must come to your store or connect with the manager by phone. The connection is limited, and the communication is not too accessible. This is just one of the many cases where mobile apps can help customer satisfaction. It helps businesses communicate directly with their customers.

    Whether mobile users want to share feedback, raise a complaint or even get discounts for being an esteemed customer, the mobile app makes things easy.

    With mobile applications, you can make things easier and the whole life cycle of a customer simpler and more accessible.

    eCommerce App ExampleDescription
    AmazonThe app allows purchasing from the multiple sellers listed on their marketplace. Easily track the package at every point and report any issue directly to the seller.
  2. Modernize Your Business While Keeping Your Legacy Intact

    With the changing face of businesses, you cannot deny the lure of a digital transformation. However, that would also mean most of your business aspects would be upgraded. Modernization means you will have data on the new mobile applications and software.

    However, what happens to the old software solutions that have held precious data all along. Some businesses have incredible legacy systems they don’t want to let go of.

    In this case, you can use application modernization to help bring together the old and the new with modernized mobile apps.

    By following the right custom mobile app development process steps you can connect the new solutions with the old systems and interchange the data. This will give you more visibility into all the shop floor processes and help you accomplish more with your business. The following table includes the details of the banking app which has modernized the old banking system.

    Banking App ExampleDescription
    Capital OneThe app provides great functionalities such as tracking your credit score and rewards.
  3. Improves Customer Stickiness that Drives Profits

    Even a 5% retention can take your business to 95% profits. Retention is like a boon for your business. However, the sad fact is that not many customers stay longer with the business.

    People keep switching between Netflix and Prime Video if you take the online streaming platform segment. Similarly, in the case of burgers, people still switch between Burger King and Mcdonald’s. Studying their buying habits helps in creating relevant products.

    Your mobile app is one way to make the customers stick to your business longer. Sending push notifications as soon as some product is back in stock can bring the user back to your app. telling them about new products as soon as they are launched can make them shop at your store.

    Send notifications inside the app play a pivotal role in increasing the user engagement and retention of your business app.

    Social Media App ExampleDescription
    Instagram, Facebook, YouTubePeople never leave the application unless needed, as they have all the sticky elements added to their app.
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  5. Scale Your App to Match Your New Business Requirements

    Imagine being with a legacy system that works for specific business needs. If the number of customers using the system increases, there is a good chance that you need to work on increasing the functionality and load-bearing capacity of the system, with a legacy system that will take many men and a lot of time. When you are ready with the functionality, you are sure you have more app users, and the cycle continues.

    It is also possible that the competition just did a better job and sped past you, waving you goodbye. You even lost a few customers to them. Now, this picture of scaling doesn’t look good, does it?

    However, when you work with mobile apps, you don’t have to worry about delaying the scaling or improving your business ability while losing customers.

    Custom mobile app development allows you to build apps that can be scaled to meet new business requirements. You can scale your business app up or down, depending on the needs, without delay. This also helps you improve customer engagement.
  6. Create Personalized Content to Tailor Customer Experience

    They could be your potential customers or your loyal customers. Tailored communication can help you build a stronger bond with your customers in multiple ways.

    Say you are a brand that caters to a young audience. Start with defining the younger demographics and the buying intention. Unlike websites, you can store all aspects of the customer with mobile apps. Now you can create customized content that sells for this particular audience. People might be more interested when reading the content that has been directed their way. It will also help with building a personalized experience and a stronger brand that improves conversions.

    Know what your users require, what makes them convert, and accordingly define the in-app content. This will help you create content and run loyalty programs for your smartphone users that can help improve conversions.

    Video Streaming App ExamplesDescription
    NetflixThe app studies user behaviour and the user’s interest before recommending them the shows that can interest them.
    AmazonThe app understands the way people interact and studies their everyday lives (through their browsing behavior and search history) to determine the content that suits them best.
  7. Always Available and Accessible to the Audience

    All of you use social media apps. Imagine you are in a situation with poor or no connection to the internet. You cannot log into your social media accounts without an active internet connection.

    Unlike a mobile website where the internet is essential, mobile apps can also work without an internet connection. If the custom mobile app you have developed can work in offline mode, it allows users to access the accounts and store the data locally. Once the internet connection is up and running, the accounts get synced, and data is transferred. The following table shows the best offline mobile app examples.

    Offline Mobile App ExamplesDescription
    Amazon Kindle, Uber, and Google MapsThese mobile apps work seamlessly without an internet connection. The offline model helps to limit users’ challenges while their internet connection is lost or intermittent.
  8. Improves Mobile App Security

    With a mobile website or app for desktop users, you need not worry much about security. They are used locally in most cases. However, with mobile apps, things change. While tuning the mobile features to match business processes, you may forget about keeping the app safe.

    That’s where mobile apps and their underlying operating systems place an important role. They ensure complete data security, ensuring it is encapsulated in layers.

    If you build an app as per mobile app security guidelines then, you can ensure that you have all the trust of your customers and keep the data safe. Cheek the example of a secure messaging app in the following table.

    Secure Messaging App ExampleDescription
    SignalThe Signal mobile app is considered one of the most secure mobile apps developed for Android and iOS. Signal has developed an encryption protocol that is well known as the most secure message.
  9. Helps you Extend the Best Customer Support

    When in trouble, the customer service people help you the most. Remember walking into a store or making phone calls to talk about your issues?

    One of the significant benefits of the mobile app is the chatbot that works as your customer support. In the case where resources are unavailable, or you don’t find people to manage the increased load, chatbots can be quite a deal.

    They will mimic their human counterparts and ensure the queries are resolved. Only when the query needs an agent in attendance will the chatbot transfer the question or seek help. They will inform users when the query is transferred to an agent.

    Example of Best Customer Support App

    Custom Support App ExampleDescription
    SlackSlack is the best customer support app due to its ability to connect with helpdesk solutions. Even, every CRM or product focused on customer experience integrates with Slack.
  10. Get Real-time Feedback from Your Customers

    Customers can send instant feedback on the products or services you offer. For example, if they didn’t like a product they bought from Amazon, they can share their feedback using the button on the app.

    Instant is the key in the mobile era. A customer may not want to give feedback after hours or even days of purchasing the product. But, with cell phones, things have turned instant, which is why they benefit both customers and business owners.

    The following table shows the best feedback app example.

    Feedback App ExampleDescription
    Feedback AppIf people want to share their feedback on the loyalty program you run or on the app interface, they can connect with you through a mobile device. Real-time feedback impacts customer relationships as well for your business.
  11. Go Cashless and Wallet Free With Mobile Payments

    Mobile commerce has increased the convenience for the users. With mobile websites using your mobile devices, you can pay for online and offline purchases. As a result, you can walk with almost empty pockets and a heavier phone.

    With the underlying security, free flow of transactions, and integrated systems, you will notice how safe and happy the customers feel about paying for their purchases online.

    Example of Cashless Wallet Apps

    Wallet App ExampleDescription
    Google AppThe app allows you to connect with your bank account and allows you to send money, pay utility bills, and make other purchases from the app.
  12. Reduces Overall Marketing Cost

    As a business, marketing is expensive. Along with retention, businesses are focussed on acquiring new customers. Marketing is a great way to entice and educate customers to make wise decisions.

    However, a mobile app reduces the reason for creating a separate marketing strategy. You can turn your app into a marketing machine.

    Send out non-intrusive notifications to your customer at the right time. Ensure the notifications are relevant and personalized to their browsing habits and purchase history. These instant updates on things they are looking for and need can improve brand loyalty.

    There are other ways too to entice the customers. Talk to them via apps they use. For example, you can partner with another gaming or a similar application to make them download your app. The way to a mobile customer is through a responsive website or their mobile devices.

    Marketing Apps ExamplesDescription
    BufferIt is a social media tool allowing you to schedule posts from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Linkedin
    HootSuitHootsuite is a social media management tool that allows you to schedule posts, as well as monitor and manage your social media accounts.
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  14. Improves Engagement that Directly Increases ROI

    By understanding the benefits of updating apps, you can increase your app user engagement. It is key to boosting business profits.

    Customers with knowledge of products and services can make better decisions. If they aren’t aware of what you sell, they wouldn’t know whether you are as good as your competition.

    Whether a food delivery app or a services app, educating the customer can lead them to make a better choice. Many applications use QR codes so that the apps can talk about the products or services in detail. Museum apps, for example, use these codes and tell the reader about the beauty of the particular monument. The following table includes an app that helps in user engagement.

    Examples of App Increasing EngagementDescription
    Amazon Prime VideoWhen viewers go to both Prime Video or similar app platforms, they need an understanding of their products. Depending on their goals from a video streaming app, they will choose the best fit mobile application.

Now that we have looked at the reasons why businesses should have a mobile app, let’s answer a few frequently asked questions in this niche. It will help make better decisions.

FAQs About Advantages of Mobile Apps

Should you develop a mobile app or website for your business?

Apps store the data in the local systems while mobile websites use web servers for the purpose. Depending on whether you want data retrieval to be accessed offline or not, you can choose between the two. Again, it is important to note that most mobile apps are faster as compared to websites.

How to choose the best app development company?

It is important to consider a few important factors before you make the choice of the best mobile app development company.

Industry ExpertiseIndustry and Prior to hiring a mobile app development company, it is crucial to check their industry and technological expertise.
PortfolioCheck the portfolio page of an app development company to know the solutions the company has built.
Security StandardsMake sure the company adheres to all the security standards while developing mobile apps.

What are the best tools to develop mobile apps?

There are several native and cross-platform mobile app development tools in the market. In case you want to limit your coding efforts, choose the no-code tools available in the market to develop the apps.

React Native and Flutter are good for cross-platform development. IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio, and XCode are considered best for native app development.

Ready to Take Advantage of Native Application for Your Business?

You have learned the unique advantages of developing a mobile app. If you are seeing competition bringing in a mobile app, plan mobile app development for your business too. A mobile app help to educate your customers, allow them to access your business even when you are offline, and works the same way as your offline business.

It ensures better profits as it offers instant gratification to the end users. With an always-available bot, your customer service grows better, thus helping you improve productivity. Mobile apps are indeed a boon for your business.

Space-O Technologies has been leading the domain of mobile apps for years now. We have delivered more than 4400 apps for businesses across the globe while keeping pace with the latest trends and business goals. If you think you want to beat the competition, we are your apt partners.

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